A-Frame Construction Signs

Capture your audience with a portable promotional board

A-frame construction signs

Also known as sandwich board signs or message board signs, A-frame signs are portable and visually effective indoor/ street signage used to advertise products or create awareness for your business. 

A-Frame signs are ideal for builders, realtors or construction businesses as these signs help in sidewalk advertising to promote the lease or sale of real estate, allowing you to convert your foot traffic to potential customers.

A-Frame Signs can also be used as directional and safety signage for construction zones, asking people to not step into any hazardous work environments and acting as wayfinding signs for visitors.

Key Benefits of A-Frame Construction Signs

  1. Promotional usage: Sandwich boards are very popular among cafes, restaurants, and other businesses as they help you promote an ongoing offer or sale. As a realtor, you can use promotional messages to reach out to your audiences.
  2. Informative Signage: Message boards help you spread awareness, offer directional information to your guests, and help you spread informative messages for your business. As a realtor, you can announce open houses, or share contact information with your audience
  3. Safety Signage: Builders and Construction businesses can protect their employees and bystanders by using safety signage to highlight hazardous zones and mark construction areas. 

A-Frame signs Sizes

We offer A-Frame Signs in standard and custom options. Our standard A-Frame Signs are 32”*47”

How do we make A-Frame Signs?

We make all your signage by understanding your business and promotional needs. That is how we can create A-Frame Boards that are uniquely built and customized for your needs. We make A-Frame signs that are weather resistant and durable by using high-quality materials like MDO, Coroplast or aluminum

Our in-house team offers to design your A-Frame sign and create custom sizes for your business.

Our Expertise

MYC Graphics has years of experience in designing, printing, manufacturing, and installing signs and signage. We have worked extensively on interiors, outdoor signage, promotional materials, and graphics for construction companies throughout Canada. We assure the product we send to you works for your business by managing high standards of in-house design and manufacturing process. We are known for our creativity and reliability and have worked with well-known brands such as Armani, Google, Esso, and GFL.